Source code for certbot.display.ops

"""Contains UI methods for LE user operations."""
import logging
from textwrap import indent
from typing import Any
from typing import Callable
from typing import Iterable
from typing import List
from typing import Optional
from typing import Tuple

from certbot import errors
from certbot import interfaces
from certbot import util
from certbot._internal import account
from certbot._internal.display import util as internal_display_util
from certbot.compat import os
from certbot.display import util as display_util

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def get_email(invalid: bool = False, optional: bool = True) -> str: """Prompt for valid email address. :param bool invalid: True if an invalid address was provided by the user :param bool optional: True if the user can use --register-unsafely-without-email to avoid providing an e-mail :returns: e-mail address :rtype: str :raises errors.Error: if the user cancels """ invalid_prefix = "There seem to be problems with that address. " msg = "Enter email address (used for urgent renewal and security notices)\n" unsafe_suggestion = ("\n\nIf you really want to skip this, you can run " "the client with --register-unsafely-without-email " "but you will then be unable to receive notice about " "impending expiration or revocation of your " "certificates or problems with your Certbot " "installation that will lead to failure to renew.\n\n") if optional: if invalid: msg += unsafe_suggestion suggest_unsafe = False else: suggest_unsafe = True else: suggest_unsafe = False while True: try: code, email = display_util.input_text(invalid_prefix + msg if invalid else msg, force_interactive=True) except errors.MissingCommandlineFlag: msg = ("You should register before running non-interactively, " "or provide --agree-tos and --email <email_address> flags.") raise errors.MissingCommandlineFlag(msg) if code != display_util.OK: if optional: raise errors.Error( "An e-mail address or " "--register-unsafely-without-email must be provided.") raise errors.Error("An e-mail address must be provided.") if util.safe_email(email): return email if suggest_unsafe: msg = unsafe_suggestion + msg suggest_unsafe = False # add this message at most once invalid = bool(email)
[docs]def choose_account(accounts: List[account.Account]) -> Optional[account.Account]: """Choose an account. :param list accounts: Containing at least one :class:`~certbot._internal.account.Account` """ # Note this will get more complicated once we start recording authorizations labels = [acc.slug for acc in accounts] code, index ="Please choose an account", labels, force_interactive=True) if code == display_util.OK: return accounts[index] return None
[docs]def choose_values(values: List[str], question: Optional[str] = None) -> List[str]: """Display screen to let user pick one or multiple values from the provided list. :param list values: Values to select from :param str question: Question to ask to user while choosing values :returns: List of selected values :rtype: list """ code, items = display_util.checklist(question if question else "", tags=values, force_interactive=True) if code == display_util.OK and items: return items return []
[docs]def choose_names(installer: Optional[interfaces.Installer], question: Optional[str] = None) -> List[str]: """Display screen to select domains to validate. :param installer: An installer object :type installer: :class:`certbot.interfaces.Installer` :param `str` question: Overriding default question to ask the user if asked to choose from domain names. :returns: List of selected names :rtype: `list` of `str` """ if installer is None: logger.debug("No installer, picking names manually") return _choose_names_manually() domains = list(installer.get_all_names()) names = get_valid_domains(domains) if not names: return _choose_names_manually() code, names = _filter_names(names, question) if code == display_util.OK and names: return names return []
[docs]def get_valid_domains(domains: Iterable[str]) -> List[str]: """Helper method for choose_names that implements basic checks on domain names :param list domains: Domain names to validate :return: List of valid domains :rtype: list """ valid_domains: List[str] = [] for domain in domains: try: valid_domains.append(util.enforce_domain_sanity(domain)) except errors.ConfigurationError: continue return valid_domains
def _sort_names(FQDNs: Iterable[str]) -> List[str]: """Sort FQDNs by SLD (and if many, by their subdomains) :param list FQDNs: list of domain names :returns: Sorted list of domain names :rtype: list """ return sorted(FQDNs, key=lambda fqdn: fqdn.split('.')[::-1][1:]) def _filter_names(names: Iterable[str], override_question: Optional[str] = None) -> Tuple[str, List[str]]: """Determine which names the user would like to select from a list. :param list names: domain names :returns: tuple of the form (`code`, `names`) where `code` - str display exit code `names` - list of names selected :rtype: tuple """ # Sort by domain first, and then by subdomain sorted_names = _sort_names(names) if override_question: question = override_question else: question = ( "Which names would you like to activate HTTPS for?\n" "We recommend selecting either all domains, or all domains in a VirtualHost/server " "block.") code, names = display_util.checklist( question, tags=sorted_names, cli_flag="--domains", force_interactive=True) return code, [str(s) for s in names] def _choose_names_manually(prompt_prefix: str = "") -> List[str]: """Manually input names for those without an installer. :param str prompt_prefix: string to prepend to prompt for domains :returns: list of provided names :rtype: `list` of `str` """ code, input_ = display_util.input_text( prompt_prefix + "Please enter the domain name(s) you would like on your certificate " "(comma and/or space separated)", cli_flag="--domains", force_interactive=True) if code == display_util.OK: invalid_domains = {} retry_message = "" try: domain_list = internal_display_util.separate_list_input(input_) except UnicodeEncodeError: domain_list = [] retry_message = ( "Internationalized domain names are not presently " "supported.{0}{0}Would you like to re-enter the " "names?{0}").format(os.linesep) for i, domain in enumerate(domain_list): try: domain_list[i] = util.enforce_domain_sanity(domain) except errors.ConfigurationError as e: invalid_domains[domain] = str(e) if invalid_domains: retry_message = ( "One or more of the entered domain names was not valid:" "{0}{0}").format(os.linesep) for invalid_domain, err in invalid_domains.items(): retry_message = retry_message + "{1}: {2}{0}".format( os.linesep, invalid_domain, err) retry_message = retry_message + ( "{0}Would you like to re-enter the names?{0}").format( os.linesep) if retry_message: # We had error in input retry = display_util.yesno(retry_message, force_interactive=True) if retry: return _choose_names_manually() else: return domain_list return []
[docs]def success_installation(domains: List[str]) -> None: """Display a box confirming the installation of HTTPS. :param list domains: domain names which were enabled """ display_util.notify( "Congratulations! You have successfully enabled HTTPS on {0}" .format(_gen_https_names(domains)) )
[docs]def success_renewal(unused_domains: List[str]) -> None: """Display a box confirming the renewal of an existing certificate. :param list domains: domain names which were renewed """ display_util.notify( "Your existing certificate has been successfully renewed, and the " "new certificate has been installed." )
[docs]def success_revocation(cert_path: str) -> None: """Display a message confirming a certificate has been revoked. :param list cert_path: path to certificate which was revoked. """ display_util.notify( "Congratulations! You have successfully revoked the certificate " "that was located at {0}.".format(cert_path) )
[docs]def report_executed_command(command_name: str, returncode: int, stdout: str, stderr: str) -> None: """Display a message describing the success or failure of an executed process (e.g. hook). :param str command_name: Human-readable description of the executed command :param int returncode: The exit code of the executed command :param str stdout: The stdout output of the executed command :param str stderr: The stderr output of the executed command """ out_s, err_s = stdout.strip(), stderr.strip() if returncode != 0: logger.warning("%s reported error code %d", command_name, returncode) if out_s: display_util.notify(f"{command_name} ran with output:\n{indent(out_s, ' ')}") if err_s: logger.warning("%s ran with error output:\n%s", command_name, indent(err_s, ' '))
def _gen_https_names(domains: List[str]) -> str: """Returns a string of the https domains. Domains are formatted nicely with ``https://`` prepended to each. :param list domains: Each domain is a 'str' """ if len(domains) == 1: return "https://{0}".format(domains[0]) elif len(domains) == 2: return "https://{dom[0]} and https://{dom[1]}".format(dom=domains) elif len(domains) > 2: return "{0}{1}{2}".format( ", ".join("https://%s" % dom for dom in domains[:-1]), ", and https://", domains[-1]) return "" def _get_validated(method: Callable[..., Tuple[str, str]], validator: Callable[[str], Any], message: str, default: Optional[str] = None, **kwargs: Any) -> Tuple[str, str]: if default is not None: try: validator(default) except errors.Error: logger.debug('Encountered invalid default value "%s" when prompting for "%s"', default, message, exc_info=True) raise AssertionError('Invalid default "{0}"'.format(default)) while True: code, raw = method(message, default=default, **kwargs) if code == display_util.OK: try: validator(raw) return code, raw except errors.Error as error: logger.debug('Validator rejected "%s" when prompting for "%s"', raw, message, exc_info=True) display_util.notification(str(error), pause=False) else: return code, raw
[docs]def validated_input(validator: Callable[[str], Any], *args: Any, **kwargs: Any) -> Tuple[str, str]: """Like `~certbot.display.util.input_text`, but with validation. :param callable validator: A method which will be called on the supplied input. If the method raises an `errors.Error`, its text will be displayed and the user will be re-prompted. :param list `*args`: Arguments to be passed to `~certbot.display.util.input_text`. :param dict `**kwargs`: Arguments to be passed to `~certbot.display.util.input_text`. :return: as `~certbot.display.util.input_text` :rtype: tuple """ return _get_validated(display_util.input_text, validator, *args, **kwargs)
[docs]def validated_directory(validator: Callable[[str], Any], *args: Any, **kwargs: Any) -> Tuple[str, str]: """Like `~certbot.display.util.directory_select`, but with validation. :param callable validator: A method which will be called on the supplied input. If the method raises an `errors.Error`, its text will be displayed and the user will be re-prompted. :param list `*args`: Arguments to be passed to `~certbot.display.util.directory_select`. :param dict `**kwargs`: Arguments to be passed to `~certbot.display.util.directory_select`. :return: as `~certbot.display.util.directory_select` :rtype: tuple """ return _get_validated(display_util.directory_select, validator, *args, **kwargs)