certbot.compat.os module

This compat modules is a wrapper of the core os module that forbids usage of specific operations (e.g. chown, chmod, getuid) that would be harmful to the Windows file security model of Certbot. This module is intended to replace standard os module throughout certbot projects (except acme).

This module has the same API as the os module in the Python standard library except for the functions defined below.


certbot.compat.os.access(*unused_args, **unused_kwargs)[source]

Method os.access() is forbidden

certbot.compat.os.chmod(*unused_args, **unused_kwargs)[source]

Method os.chmod() is forbidden

certbot.compat.os.chown(*unused_args, **unused_kwargs)[source]

Method os.chown() is forbidden

certbot.compat.os.fstat(*unused_args, **unused_kwargs)[source]

Method os.stat() is forbidden

certbot.compat.os.mkdir(*unused_args, **unused_kwargs)[source]

Method os.mkdir() is forbidden

certbot.compat.os.open(*unused_args, **unused_kwargs)[source]

Method os.open() is forbidden

certbot.compat.os.rename(*unused_args, **unused_kwargs)[source]

Method os.rename() is forbidden

certbot.compat.os.replace(*unused_args, **unused_kwargs)[source]

Method os.replace() is forbidden

certbot.compat.os.stat(*unused_args, **unused_kwargs)[source]

Method os.stat() is forbidden

certbot.compat.os.umask(*unused_args, **unused_kwargs)[source]

Method os.chmod() is forbidden

certbot.compat.os.makedirs(*unused_args, **unused_kwargs)[source]

Method os.makedirs() is forbidden