Source code for certbot.plugins.util

"""Plugin utilities."""
import logging
from typing import List

from certbot import util
from certbot.compat import os
from certbot.compat.misc import STANDARD_BINARY_DIRS

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def get_prefixes(path: str) -> List[str]: """Retrieves all possible path prefixes of a path, in descending order of length. For instance: * (Linux) `/a/b/c` returns `['/a/b/c', '/a/b', '/a', '/']` * (Windows) `C:\\a\\b\\c` returns `['C:\\a\\b\\c', 'C:\\a\\b', 'C:\\a', 'C:']` :param str path: the path to break into prefixes :returns: all possible path prefixes of given path in descending order :rtype: `list` of `str` """ prefix = os.path.normpath(path) prefixes: List[str] = [] while prefix: prefixes.append(prefix) prefix, _ = os.path.split(prefix) # break once we hit the root path if prefix == prefixes[-1]: break return prefixes
[docs]def path_surgery(cmd: str) -> bool: """Attempt to perform PATH surgery to find cmd Mitigates :param str cmd: the command that is being searched for in the PATH :returns: True if the operation succeeded, False otherwise """ path = os.environ["PATH"] added = [] for d in STANDARD_BINARY_DIRS: if d not in path: path += os.pathsep + d added.append(d) if any(added): logger.debug("Can't find %s, attempting PATH mitigation by adding %s", cmd, os.pathsep.join(added)) os.environ["PATH"] = path if util.exe_exists(cmd): return True expanded = " expanded" if any(added) else "" logger.debug("Failed to find executable %s in%s PATH: %s", cmd, expanded, path) return False