certbot.plugins.util module

Plugin utilities.

certbot.plugins.util.get_prefixes(path: str) List[str][source]

Retrieves all possible path prefixes of a path, in descending order of length. For instance:

  • (Linux) /a/b/c returns ['/a/b/c', '/a/b', '/a', '/']

  • (Windows) C:abc returns ['C:abc', 'C:ab', 'C:a', 'C:']


path (str) – the path to break into prefixes


all possible path prefixes of given path in descending order

Return type:

list of str

certbot.plugins.util.path_surgery(cmd: str) bool[source]

Attempt to perform PATH surgery to find cmd

Mitigates https://github.com/certbot/certbot/issues/1833


cmd (str) – the command that is being searched for in the PATH


True if the operation succeeded, False otherwise